3 Month Update – Funemployment & a New love for UX/UI

So it’s been 3 months since I took the leap from my 9-5, and so far everything is going alright.  Not stellar, not down – Just alright.  I’ve dedicated the last 3 months to diving into UX/UI and fell in love with it.  I’ve obsessed over mobile app products, user flow and design, and functionality.  There is something in beating yourself up over every feature / function that I became completely addicted to.  I’m convinced that maybe it’s the artist in me trying to perfect an experience, the way I’d want someone to experience a song.  We’ll see where it takes us, but I’m confident now our product is going to be MUCH more refined.

There is something awesome about waking up every morning (broke as fuck) but putting your mind to working on 1 thing that day, and just going for it.  I don’t think I realized how much energy, creativity, and life was sucked out of me during my day job (even on the down days).

What drives me crazy however, is the time in which we are going to relaunch.  We are planning to re-launch in December, and although we still have a ton of work to do, I can’t help but be antsy.  This is magnified by the fact all my Co-Founders work day jobs as well.  I go stir crazy because it’s all I have to think about.

I’m also starting to find joy in other little things.  I think with any other job (that you would prefer to not be doing), the rest of your time is spent rushing trying to accomplish tasks because

a.  You want to work on items you DO care about

b. You’re just out of fucking time

Now that I pour all of my energy into tasks I care about during my 9-5, my downtime is spent taking on DIY projects, following my curiosity, and even making music again.

I wholeheartedly believe that humans were made to follow their curiosity with fervor, and find self fulfillment along the way.  Some days I think I might be losing my mind becoming a modern day hippie.  The fucking thoughts on life that roam my head get pretty crazy, but I see the vision.  I’ve stopped caring about what a lot of people think.  I’ve had problems with this in the past, and being unemployed has really allowed me to stand on my own two feet (even more than I thought I could).

A lot of people ask me what I’ve been doing, and my general reaction is to fabricate some socially acceptable “plan” that borders between what I truly want, and what I think they want to hear.  It took me a week or so to realize this is completely useless.  I started being straight up to the point it might have been alarming to some, but it felt fucking great.

It literally feels like it took me 26 years to finally create something that is coming straight from the heart without compromising with anyone else’s outside opinions.  It feels fucking awesome.